Animals at the Zoo

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(didelphis virginia)

The only marsupial found in North America. Marsupials are mammals who have pouches to carry their young. They’re roughly 2-3 feet in length and 5-15 pounds on average.

What do they eat?

They’re omnivorous – feeding on a wide range of plant material, insects, carrion, rodents, and birds/eggs.

How long do they live?

2-3 years in the wild on average.

How many can be born at a time?

Usually 7-8 children but can have up to as many as 25!

Where are they found? 

From Southern Ontario, Canada down to Costa Rica.

Interesting facts:
  • They have 50 razor sharp teeth.
  • When facing a threat they’ll “play ‘possum” – feign death – by curling up on the ground, mouth open, tongue out.
  • They consume the majority of ticks they encounter – which is why they are so important to the environment.