Animals at the Zoo

Durian – Rescued in 2020 – Blind

Trillium- Donated from Rehabilitator 2021

Eddy and Ozzy- Rescued in 2021


(mephitis mephitis)

A stout, short-limbed animal with a small conical head and furry tail. Their color patterns vary but are generally black with a white stripe extended from the head, dividing at the shoulders, and ending at the tail. Their notoriety stems from their two scent glands which, when “sprayed,” create a chemical defense against predators.

What do they eat?

They’re omnivorous. They mostly eat insects, rodents, birds/eggs; fruits and vegetables occasionally.

How long do they live?

3-5 years in the wild.

How many can be born at a time?

Skunks usually have 2-10 babies for each litter.

Where are they found? 

Throughout Canada, US and parts of Mexico.

Interesting facts:
  • They’re very accurate with their spray up to about 10 feet. When threatened, they’ll face the threat, pound on the ground with front paws and retreat a few steps; they’ll repeat this a few times. If the threat remains, that’s when they’ll turn around with their rear-end facing the threat. They’ll take one last look over their shoulder -aiming – that’s when they’ll spray the threat; they aim for the eyes. This blinding effect will hopefully allow enough time for the Skunk to escape.