Bearded Dragon at the Zoo:



Bearded Dragons are 13 to 24 inches long, including the tail. They are appropriately named bearded dragons because of their “beard,” an expandable throat pouch with spikey scales. They have a broad, triangular head, round bodies, stout legs, and robust tails.

What do they eat?

The eastern bearded dragon feeds on a variety of small animals, including mice, smaller reptiles, and insects. In captivity, it also eats leaf vegetables such as clover and small flowers, fruits, and berries.

How long do they live?

10 years

How many are born at a time?

Clutch size will depend on the age and condition of the female, as well as how many times she has reproduced in the past. Average clutch size is between 16 and 24 eggs.

Where can they be found?

It is most common in eastern Australia south of Cape York Peninsula, but specimens have been collected from Cape York, through central Australia, and even from the west coast of Australia. They are arboreal and perch on exposed places such as tree branches or logs, retreating to lower and cooler places when too hot.

Interesting facts

When threatened, it inflates its throat and displays its beard. If further provoked, it opens its mouth to display the bright yellow color of the lining of its mouth.