Animals at the Zoo

Ichabod – Rescued in 2014


(athene cunicularia)

A long-legged, yet diminutive owl that hunts mostly at dusk and night. They’ll swoop down from a perch, hover over a field and dive, or even run along the ground to catch their prey in their talons.

What do they eat?

Mostly insects and small mammals/rodents; they may also eat frogs, toads, lizards and snakes.

How long do they live?

6-8 years in the wild on average.

How many can be laid in a clutch?

7-10 eggs on average.

Where are they found? 

Found in Western Canada  down to Southern Mexico and western Central America; Oh, and Florida, too.

Interesting facts:
  • Known as “howdy birds” because they appear to nod in greeting from the entrance to their burrows.
  • Florida burrowing owls will dig their own burrows; while those in the west use old, unused burrows from prairie dogs, squirrels, and other animals.