On June 12th at 10am, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo will reopen to the public. Our Hours will be 10-4. Facemasks are required and physical distancing is strongly encouraged for all visitors.

Dec 032012

I am a 2009 graduate from Moorpark College Exotic Animal Training and Management program.  I also have an AS in Wildlife Education, Wildlife Conservation and Exotic Animal Education.  I started working here in 2010 and I love working at the zoo as we are a rehab facility and each animal has their individual story.  I also like that we don’t buy our animals.  Our main priority is to get each animal back into the wild if possible.  The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is truly a facility working for the welfare of wild animals.  My favorite part of the job is working one on one with the animals in my care and learning their personalities. I love giving enrichments because it adds something new to their lives every day.  I especially love the mule deer’s and the raccoons.  They all have big personalities and I have gained a close relationship with all of them through enrichment and daily training.  My goal for the future is to continue to gain experience with wild animals especially in a rehabilitation facility.  I grew up in San Luis Obispo and I love fun adventures, which could be anything from a food fight to wood burning.