On June 12th at 10am, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo will reopen to the public. Our Hours will be 10-4. Facemasks are required and physical distancing is strongly encouraged for all visitors.

Jul 032018

Stevie – (a brush bunny) female born 2010; was rescued in 2010; born blind

Benjamin – (a cottontail) male born 2010; was rescued in 2011; injured / half blind

Both these rabbits are blind or almost blind and are kept here in comfort when they would surely die in the wild. They are found all over the world and have been able to adapt to locations such as desert, high mountains, swamps, farms and cities.  They are a source of food for many larger. They are vegetarians and eat lots of vegetables, fruits and grains.  They can live in underground dens and have many babies but only nurse them for five minutes a day!  They are weaned in three weeks and go on to have babies of their own. Their average lifespan in the wild is less than 3 years, in captivity they could live up to 8 years.