Yes, it’s Our Zoo!!


One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Big Bear Alpine Zoo remains whose auspice does the zoo fall under.  As a matter of clarification and a statement of pride and affirmation, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo is and has always been a keystone of the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District’s facilities and one of our most cherished responsibilities.  As the Park District’s General Manager, I want to take this opportunity to update any and all interested folks on where the relocation projects stands, and further affirm the support and dedication for this project from the San Bernardino County Special Districts Department and the Park District Advisory Committee.  You may also be assured that the Zoo’s mission is unconditionally supported by the aforementioned parties and will continue to be supported indefinitely regardless of the outcome of the relocation effort.


On May 27, 2019, we officially broke ground on the new project.   We couldn’t be more excited about the future of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, as the dedication to rescue, rehabilitation, and release of hundreds of future animals in need will remain our major focus.  The care of those animals and species which cannot be released due to incapacity or inevitable human imprinting remains a top priority, and is what the relocation effort is all about.


We hope you will join the Park District, our incredible Zoo staff, and our amazing support organization; The Friends of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, in this journey toward a new facility for our permanent residents, and improved care opportunities for those that are just visiting!



Reese Troublefield, General Manager

Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District