Oct 102014

It is such a rare opportunity to work with wildlife, especially the animals that are indigenous to the mountains in which I’ve grown up.  I really enjoy the staff at the zoo as well.  Being an Animal Keeper is lot of physical work but the team attitude and camaraderie among us makes for a good day at work. 


My favorite thing about working at the zoo is that I absolutely love seeing all the kids eyes light up with a sense of wonder for the animals.  When I bring out an animal for a presentation, the reaction among kids and adults is great to see and hear.  I enjoy when the patrons ask questions and I respond as best as I can with what knowledge I have obtained. 


I love, love, love the wolves.  It’s hard to pick my favorite as they are all important to the pack and have their own role to play.  I love all the animals here for their own unique attributes, but since I was a little boy, I have had a fascination with wolves and the mystique surrounding them. 


In my free time, I have a musical group called Subwolf and I DJ under the name dubwolf.  Family, friends, animals and music are everything to me.